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Top 15 WAGs of NBA Players

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One thing pretty much all athletes have in common is their ability to pull some smoking hot women. Whether it is because athletes genuinely look good, have a lot of money, have so much confidence in themselves or a combination of the three, hot women just seem to flock to athletes. NBA players are no different. So, on top of making potentially millions of dollars playing a game, these fine gentlemen also get to go home each night and stare at beautiful women. Well, most of them at least.

The funny thing about NBA players is that frankly, none of them are really that good looking. You will be shocked at the dude who pulled in my No. 1 WAG on this list. There are a few guys that you will just shake your head at their ability to win over these women. Confidence and money go a long way.

Let's be honest, I could really say anything I want at this point because most of you have already gotten tired of reading my drivel and moved on to checking out hot chicks. Believe me, I understand. I had as much fun making this list as you will reading it. Good thing for me is I can to look at ALL the pictures of these fine beauties while coming up with the list.

Sit back and enjoy, and while you're at it, maybe compare them to some hot NFL WAGs and see how the two stack up to each other. If you're into Moms you might get a kick out of this article with the Top 20 Moms associated with the sports world today. Be sure to keep checking out our Clubhouse section for more articles like this.

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Bertille Sefolosha - Thabo Sefolosha

SOURCE: playerwives.com

Not only is Thabo Sefolosha the premier defender on one of the top Western conference teams, but he also bagged a very nice-looking wife. Congrats.

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Chelsea Redick - J.J. Redick

SOURCE: celebjuicer.com

Is it really that surprising that J.J. Redick has a hot wife? He went to Duke and plays in the NBA, those are two top qualities.

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Kristen Blake - Steve Blake

SOURCE: topnews.in

Steve Blake may have been relegated to the backup point guard with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he's still winning at home.

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Whitney Wonnacot - Jimmer Fredette

SOURCE: jemblog.com

Jimmer Fredette may struggle to find his place in the NBA, but if he does not succeed he can always fall back on his soon-to-be wife.

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Masha Kirilenko - Andrei Kirilenko

SOURCE: christineolsonphotography.blogspot.com

Everyone knows who Masha Kirilenko is by virtue of her husband and the fact that she plays professional tennis, a hot bed for attractive female athletes.

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Axelle - Tony Parker

SOURCE: voici.fr

Clearly Tony Parker is not missing Eva Longoria all that much. While I don't think Axelle is an upgrade from Longoria, dating someone with one name is pretty cool.

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Gloria Govan - Matt Barnes

SOURCE: poptower.com

Matt Barnes has a reputation for being a dirty player that no opposing team likes going against. I wonder if his girl keeps him in check?

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Gina Antoniello - Brian Zoubek

SOURCE: k-line.blogspot.com

OK, so Brian Zoubek is not in the NBA, but he did spend the 2010 training camp with the New Jersey Nets (now Brooklyn). That's not that far back and are you really complaining anyway?

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Amelia Vega - Al Horford

SOURCE: wespeaknews.com

Al Horford is not a bad looking dude, so it's not all that surprising to see his wife as ridiculously hot as this.

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Silvia Lopez Castro - Pau Gasol

SOURCE: fanpix.net

I guess Pau Gasol is alright looking, but it seems like he's over thrown his outlet pass here.

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Elise Novak (pictured left) - Kevin Love

SOURCE: godofstyle.com

Oh UCLA cheerleaders, how you are so awesome. I admire Kevin Love for sticking with a girl from his alma mater, but it's not like he's taking a step down for her.

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Gabrielle Union - Dywane Wade

SOURCE: urbanbellemag.com

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have almost become basketball's "it couple." She's really hot, so that's probably why.

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Zuleyka Rivera - J.J. Barea

SOURCE: ocksandstilettojill.com

Rumors of problems within the relationship have to have J.J. Barea depressed, unless of course he really thinks he can bag someone as hot as this again.

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Elaine Alden - Landry Fields

SOURCE: musclemag.com

Holy barbie doll, Batman. Landry Fields, I have a new-found respect for you.

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Sabrina Maserati - DeJuan Blair

SOURCE: the305.com

No offense to DeJuan Blair, but how in the world did he get a girl as hot as this? Wow.