Fight Breaks Out Between Teams Of Clint Bowyer And Jeff Gordon At Phoenix

By Riley Schmitt
Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

On Sunday, NASCAR stole some headlines from king football. With just two laps to go, Jeff Gordon intentionally took out Clint Bowyer. Bowyer was still in contention for the title and Gordon simply took him out. After this incident happened, things went absolutely batty.

After the wreck, Bowyer’s crew went after Gordon’s crew in the garage.  Both teams started a giant brawl while some team members escorted Gordon back to his trailer.  Once Bowyer got out of his car, he took off in a dead sprint back to the  trailers.  At this point, he attempted to gain access to Gordon’s trailer before he was stopped by team members.

This is one of the wackiest things that I have ever seen.  I have watched this sport for a number of years but I have never seen crews start swinging at each other like this.  There is some obvious tension between the two drivers and it all came to a head on Sunday.  This will certainly grab some attention but I can not imagine that the higher ups in the sport will be very happy with both parties.

This is what happens in this sport, though.  There are high stakes every single race.  When things go wrong, people will get upset.  At some point, people just snap.  Gordon will probably regret wrecking Bowyer and I expect him to be parked for the final race of the season.  You can not have guys intentionally taking people out.  That leads to dangerous situations.

Trust me, this will be something that gets talked about for a long time.

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