25 Most Inappropriate Athlete Names in Sports History

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25 Most Inappropriate Names in Sports History

23. Gregor Fucka

There are some athletes out there that just have the craziest names. Some of them are just funny, but others are vulgar or don’t match the athlete’s personality at all. Some of them are spelt funny ways that make them way worse than the pronunciation actually is.

For example, pictured above is European Basketball star Gregor Fucka. In English, it looks like profanity but it’s actually pronounced “Fooch-Ka.”

Clearly these athletes are not all Americans. The list is compiled of inappropriate names from all over the world.

Some of them are players from the past, players that young people may have never heard of before. But that doesn’t stop their names from giving you a good laugh.

But hey, these athletes clearly know their names are inappropriate and if they don’t get them changed, then they clearly don’t care. These poor athletes were unfortunate to have parents that didn’t think twice about their baby’s name.

But on a positive note, some of them are probably more popular for their name then their athletic achievements.

Not only was this an interesting top-20 to make, it was also hilarious. It would have been fairly easy to add another 20 names to the list because some names are just that comical, especially when you get into names from other countries.

So if you just so happen to read this and make it on the list, don’t blame us, blame your parents for your funny, vulgar or raunchy name.

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25. God Shammgod

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25. God Shammgod

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24. Dick Pulloff

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24. Dick Pulloff

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23. Assol Slivets

assol slivets
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23. Assol Slivets

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22. Johnny Dickshot

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22. Johnny Dickshot

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21. Kim Yoo Suk

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21. Kim Yoo Suk

Yoo Suk
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20. Coco Crisp

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
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20. Coco Crisp

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19. Angel Pagan

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
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19. Angel Pagan

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18. Yoshie Takeshita

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18. Yoshie Takeshita

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17. Kosuke Fukudome

17. Kosuke Fukudome
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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17. Kosuke Fukudome

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16. Dick Pole

Flickr Creative Commons
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16. Dick Pole

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15. Kokain Mothershead

The Chart Online
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15. Kokain Mothershead

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14. Craphonso Thorp

Douglas Jones- US PRESSWIRE
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14. Craphonso Thorp

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13. Ron Tugnutt

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13. Ron Tugnutt

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12. Harry Colon

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12. Harry Colon

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11. Karen Cockburn

London 2012
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11. Karen Cockburn

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10. Fair Hooker

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10. Fair Hooker

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9. B.J. Lovett

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9. B.J. Lovett

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8. Dick Butkus

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8. Dick Butkus

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7. Luscious Pusey

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7. Luscious Pusey

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6. Dick Shiner

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6. Dick Shiner

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5. Guy Whimper

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Guy Whimper

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4. Pete LaCock

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4. Pete LaCock

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3. Grant Balfour

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3. Grant Balfour

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2. Rusty Kuntz

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Rusty Kuntz

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1. Dick Trickle


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  • Alex Tennent

    What about Destiny Hooker?

    • mr.anderson

      Should have been in the top 5 for sure…

  • ronaldjc

    Georgia Linebacker Happy Dicks was involved in the greatest headline in college football history http://www.sectalk.com/board/topic/63624-lewis-grizzard-and-the-greatest-headline-in-sports-history/

  • Clayton_Bigsby

    Almost no one remembers Fair Hooker. You get superlatives alone just for that.

  • wheelnut53

    who has the nerve to laugh at Dick Butkus to his face ?

  • justaguy

    How is olympic gold-medal winning swimmer “Misty Hymen” not in there?

  • Capn

    God Shammgod!

  • Beno

    Paul Dickov

  • idkwmgtis

    Tyson Gay anyone?

  • Aimee M Parent

    love coco crisp. :)

  • Mike Mathews

    Karen Cockburn’s last name is pronounced “co-burn,”but she’s still a woofer!

    • BobAloo

      She is cute as hell though. Please tell me she’s 18, because I would do awful things with her. Horrible, horrible things that her mother shouldn’t know about.

  • fisherman

    pokey reddick

  • Crusader10

    Pete LaCock is the son of former Hollywood Squares host Peter Marshall, who did change his name.

  • Crusader10

    Also, we forgot Miroslav Satan. Or, maybe the best pitcher/batter duel in history when Jim Gott (German for God) faced Tim Teufel (German for Devil.)

  • dukeofurl

    You forget, car racing is not a sport.

  • Blackhawk

    What are you guys, high school sophomores?

  • bill c

    Rusty may have a bad name, but he has a WS ring! Go Tigers!

  • Widows Son

    As far as Sid the Kid not being popular in the US, who really cares. Unfortunately US fans little about hockey, so what they think and 50 cents couldn’t by a coffee.

  • Tumbleweed

    and there is also…. Fonda Dicks, famous Iowa high school girls Basketball star, once scored 67 in a game in 1972 (points that is) http://www.luckyshow.org/basketball/Iowa6x6Complete.htm

  • Timothy Horrigan

    Although his name wasn’t a double entendre, the most inappropriately named player in Major League Baseball history has to be the pitcher Bob Walk.

  • sklawz39

    Former Nascar Driver Dick Trickle.

  • Canned Heat

    If Juska could write…

  • TheEsquireof212

    This list is beyond embarrassing. It reeks of someone who is 13.

    • PapaCookie

      Then why did you respond to it or even read it?? Is your name not listed?

  • Sol Sallee

    Misty Hyman should be on there, US Olympic Swimmer

  • guest

    coco crisp > in portuguese coco is poop.

  • mb

    How is “F*cka” inappropriate? It’s not English.

  • mb

    LOL this is one of the most racist articles I’ve read in a long time. Ha ha japorees name so funny! Not.

    • BobAloo

      Asians are funny.

  • Richard Courtney

    How could the have possibly missed two classics: Scott Studwell and George Shorthose

  • OldOllie

    How about Bill Titensore.

  • evsoul

    This article should be on the 20 worst articles list.

  • Josh Tufts

    I like how people are calling this childish. They are funny names. Doesn’t matter how old you are.

    • Statalyzer

      Seriously – if you intentionally clicked on a link of “inappropriate sounding names” and didn’t think it would come across as childish, you are brainless.

      • Cynthia L Smith

        I’m sure you’re the poster child for maturity. YOU CLICKED ON IT TOO MORON ! Shut the fuck up you judgemental twat!!!

  • Steve Urkel

    Completely missed “Chubby Cox”. Kobe Bryant’s uncle.

  • http://joecorrao.blogspot.com/ Joe Corrao

    Ivana Mandic

  • Avery Windcastle

    Former Iowa high school girls basketball player Fonda Dix.

  • Statalyzer

    Gregor … that man is one bad fucka.

  • Chip Wilson

    Dick Trickle a great Nascar driver?……He never won a race in his career
    he was terible

    • BobAloo

      That’s interesting. I’m not a race fan, so I had to look him up. Wikipedia says he had 36 “top tens” but his best finish was 15th? How does that work.

      He also had 1 pole, which seems appropriate for Dick Trickle.

  • SandyMc

    Coco Crisp’s name is a nickname given to him by his siblings. His real first name is Covelli, I believe.

    • Bubba1971

      Yes. A family member couldn’t pronounce Covelli and it came out sounding like Coco..He’s a good off the bench player, to boot.

  • MikeSchilling

    Fukudome is bad enough as a player name, but just wait until they name a stadium after him.

  • azcavalier

    How does Randy Johnson not qualify for this list?

  • jt

    Shouldn’t the PGA golfer who tells about his sexual pride be included?
    Dickie Pride.

  • ntw42

    There was a South Korean 3b during the World Baseball Classic named Bum Ho Lee. I think he deserves recognition on this list.

  • Al_Dove

    How did you leave out Rusty Staub, Who was actually a pretty good baseball player? But his name did sound like a terrible STD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rusty_Staub

  • BobAloo

    Stubby Clapp? Turdell Middleton?

  • Snappy the turtle

    Forgot Rudy gay

  • Anthony Risola

    Pete LaCock was the son of Peter Marshall who was the host of “The Hollywood Squares”.

  • lenchar

    What about Albert Poo Holes

  • lenchar

    Albert Poo Holes comes to mind.

  • lenchar

    Albert Poo holes. Angels baseball player.

  • Nathan Duell

    Missed out on the late, great U.S. Women’s Olympic Volleyball player Flo Hyman. Or for that matter the U.S. Olympic Swimmer, Misty Hyman.
    And do you think that in the 1980′s Germans watching baseball were perplexed whenever Jim Gott faced off against Tim Teufel?

  • Tim

    Martina Cunni…the tennis player left off the list as well.

  • mr.anderson

    How could you possibly leave Destiny Hooker off this list??

  • Jake Pena

    it is pronounced Koonts. Rusty Kuntz. and i wouldnt trade him for any other 1st base coach./ the royals are in first bitch

    • biglipzulu

      Grow a sense of humor Jake, for God’s sake.

  • biglipzulu

    Love it. And let’s not forget former Florida State wide-receiver De’Cody Fagg…that would probably be too politically incorrect here.

  • thewrongrev

    Ah. Had to wait till the last, but I knew good ole Dick Trickle would eventually show up!