72-Year-Old Ejected from Iowa Football Game

By Renae Juska
Byron Hetzler- US PRESSWIRE

A typical football Saturday in Iowa City consists of a lot of drunken and belligerent fans surrounding Kinnick Stadium. The Iowa Hawkeyes have been a disappointment this season, which hasn’t helped with the statistics on gameday arrests.

This weekend, the University of Iowa police news release included a man over three times the age of a typical college student.

72-year-old James C. Knapp was at Kinnick Stadium during the game on Saturday when authorities asked him to leave the game. It is unknown why Knapp was asked to leave the stadium in the first place.

But Knapp decided to be very stubborn with the authorities. He began his act of stupidity by yelling profanity to the officers while other fans were around.

Okay, so Knapp should just be thrown in the underground jail and released after the game, right?

Instead, once Knapp was thrown into the holding cell, he became defensive with an officer. He attempted to escape from the cell and kicked a Johnson County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

Knapp was arrested and charged with assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and interference with official acts.

Just wait until you hear the best part of this story: Knapp was arrested at Kinnick Stadium last year as well.

On September 24th, 2011 Knapp jumped over a barrier on the 50-yard line. He was told to leave then resisted officers and started yelling profanity. Knapp was charged with assault on peace officers, interference with official acts and criminal trespass.

It seems like this guy might have some issues if he’s pulling these stunts not once, but twice. He better watch out so that he doesn’t get banned from Kinnick forever; students may be able to pull off this foolishness but a 72-year old should know better.

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