Marcus Davis Thinks Wide Receivers Should Not Block

By Riley Schmitt
Twitter: @smartfootball

Marcus Davis is a wideout for Virginia Tech and he takes it seriously. I mean, he takes the part of being a wide receiver seriously. He wants no part of anything that does not involve him touching the ball. If you don’t think that is true, just take a look at the following.

That is a video of Davis last Thursday night.  Not only is he not blocking, it looks like he is actively avoiding it.  That is not how you win football games.  It is a selfish play and it can only hurt the team.  Take that first play, for instance. If Davis throws a halfway decent block, it turns into a big gain for his team.  Instead, he merely attempts to get in the way of the defender.

I played wide receiver back in the day.  Blocking was not the fun part of the job.  It is easy to take plays off when you know you are not getting the ball.  However, there are more roles to fill.  If you don’t get the ball, make the key block to spring a big play.   If that happens, people are going to notice it.

This video is starting to make its way across the web, which is bad news for Davis.  If he wants to play in the NFL, he better hope that this video suddenly vanishes.  I can not imagine that scouts and general managers would come near a guy who simply refuses to give anything resembling effort on run plays.


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