Belgium Basketball Player Misses 4 Layups on His Own Basket

By Renae Juska

I may not be a basketball player but if you asked me to make a simple layup, I could do it. Now give me 4 tries to shoot a layup with no defenders, and I could positively do it.

But this Belgian basketball player missed a wide-open layup an astounding 4 times, on the wrong basket. Yes, that’s right, he was taking the layup shots at his own net, on the completely wrong side of the court.

If you were taking a wide-open layup and don’t have team members or defenders on you, wouldn’t you be a little suspicious after the 2nd missed basket?

Apparently not this player, he didn’t seem confused at all until his teammates pretty much stole the ball away from him to get him to stop.

Better yet, how do you manage this after a free throw?  The other team was shooting from the free throw line so the assumption should be that if you get the ball then you should run to the other end of the court.

I know I’ve seen this during junior high basketball and maybe even once or twice on high school highlights but definitely not in a “pro” game of any sort. This isn’t even a flop that semi-pro or college players should make.

The video may not be in English but that doesn’t matter. This player’s name remains anonymous but he has now made his epic failure video go viral.

Let’s just say this video affirms my beliefs that the NBA has the best talent in the world.

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