Hope Solo Involved In Domestic Assault Case With Fiance Jerramy Stevens

By Riley Schmitt
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

It was just yesterday that everyone recieved word of a relationship between Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo. A lot of people thought it was just internet speculation but it turns out to be true. However, it is not all good as the two were in court for a domestic assault case on Tuesday.


It does appear the internet did have one thing right.  The two are engaged but who knows for how long after this mess.  The incident occurred early on Tuesday morning and it appeared that Solo was injured at the hands of Stevens.  However, the judge did not see it that way so I am guessing this case gets dismissed.  Still, you have to wonder about what is going on.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  There is nothing good about Stevens.  The guy is just a bad person.  There is too much of a track record to say anything different.  Solo is kind of out there, so maybe she sees something in him that all of us keep overlooking.  However, this mess seems to confirm what a lot of us think about him.

We will see how long this relationship lasts.  Maybe Solo should cut bait before something ends up seriously wrong.

Update:  Looks like there could be more to the story involving these two and Solo’s brother.

According to reports, Marcus Solo was the one who called police. After officers talked to him outside the house, Hope Solo emerged from the home with blood on her elbow. She was not very cooperative with the police, at one point yelling to her brother, “Don’t say anything to them, Marcus,” according to a police report.


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