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PIHL Commissioner Ed Sam Wants To Eliminate National Anthem In Order To Save Money


Singing the national anthem at sporting events is a fantastic tradition. Some times it leads to funny moments, but most of the time it is an event that shows off how patriotic some people can be. However, the national anthem is coming under fire in a Philadelphia high school hockey league.

Ed Sam, who happens to be the commissioner of the PIHL, has eliminated the national anthem from games.  He says that the event takes up too much time and that it is expensive to rent the ice for games.  This sounds like a joke but it is 100 percent true.  Instead of cutting out some other useless thing, he has done away with the national anthem.

As you would guess, this has not gone over well with a lot of people.  There has been a huge backlash with parents of the players, who believe the anthem is extremely important.  I am going to side with those parents.  The anthem does not take that much time.  If you cut down on other things, you can easily sing the anthem without spending more time on the ice.  However, it looks like Sam decided to go for something that seemed easy on the service.

They are reconsidering this decision, which is for the best.  I think the anthem should be a part of every game.  You can easily find other things to cut in order to preserve the anthem.  Hopefully this changes for the best and we do not need to worry about it anymore.