Eric Bledsoe Blocks Dwayne Wade Dunk Attempt

By Riley Schmitt
jose 3030

Eric Bledsoe may only be a shade above six feet tall but he plays bigger than his height. Just ask Dwyane Wade. The Miami Heat guard thought he was going to have a dunk, but Bledsoe rose up and swatted the heck out of the ball. The video is really quite amazing.

This play will be on a lot of highlight shows for the next few days.  Not a lot of people can sky with Wade, but Bledsoe not only got high enough, he blocked it clean.  That takes a lot of talent and skill.  There are very few people in the league who could sky up there and do this.

I think Bledsoe is going to have a big year and he might end up being a valuable trade chip.  He is not going to get a ton of minutes behind Chris Paul but he certainly deserves a lot of playing time.  He is only getting better and he is not even close to reaching the ceiling of his talent.  That means some team is going to be very lucky if they end up trading for him.

I do not think that he can end up playing the two guard, so he is going to have to be traded.  He could instantly become a second option on a team that makes the playoffs.  That is how good the kid is.  He is only going to get better, so he could end up being a superstar before it is all said and done.

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