Jeff Green Dunks All Over Al Jefferson

By Riley Schmitt

When Jeff Green signed a big money deal with the Boston Celtics, a lot of people wondered if he could return to form after his heart ailment. If he keeps putting up dunks like this one he delivered on Al Jefferson, those questions are going to vanish quickly.

Green ended up getting a technical foul on this play but if I threw down a dunk like that, I would probably get ejected celebrating.  It is just a vicious dunk that Jefferson had no chance to defend.  I mean, he is a pretty low to the ground player anyways, but I do not think a shot blocker could have done anything about a play like this.

I hope that Green can return to his pre-ailment form.  The kid has a lot of talent and he could be the missing piece on this Celtics team.  It might take a few months for him to feel comfortable with his skills but it should come around in due time.  We simply need more players like this in the league.

Green is a nice kid and he has a ton of talent.  There are a lot of people rooting for him and I know they all hope that he can someday become an All-Star.  He is playing on the right team to learn the ropes of basketball and his role will increase as the year goes on.  That can only help.

You will see this play on highlight shows tonight.  Dunk of the night right here.


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