Jordan Crawford Attempts To Shoot Free Throws For Jan Vesely

By Riley Schmitt

Jordan Crawford pulled off one of the best stunts in basketball history on Tuesday night. The Washington Wizards guard attempted to take a free throw for teammate Jan Vesely. In fact, this actually worked for a little bit until the refs decided something was amiss.

If you watch the video, you can clearly see that Crawford is nowhere near the play.  Vesely is fouled by Tyrus Thomas, but Vesely is not exactly a marksman from the charity stripe.  Instead, Crawford darts in and shoots the free throw.  No one realizes this for a couple seconds until the refs decide that something is not right.  They take the point off the board and make Vesely shoot them.

Although he was found out, I have to applaud Crawford for this stunt.  He really is a gunner.  Not only does he shoot all the time, he also wants to shoot when it is the time for others to shoot.  I can not recall ever seeing this in a game.  In fact, this might be the first time that this has happened.  Add in the Wizards and it all makes way too much sense.

Of course, the Wizards lost the game because that is what they do.  You can change a team’s culture but that does not mean they are going to win games.  It is a team with some nice pieces but they absolutely have no chemistry.  It is going to be a rough year for the team, but at least there will be some comedic moments.


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