Chiefs safety Eric Berry has Equinophobia (Video Proof)

By Paul Bentley
Denny Medley – US Presswire

I am not a doctor, but I can comfortably say that Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry has Equinophobia.  What does this mean for the star safety moving forward in his football career?  Not much, but it does mean Berry suffers from extreme fear of horses.

In the video below, Berry’s diagnosis is brought to the forefront right before our eyes as he refuses to take the field while the horse is still on it.

What’s interesting is that the horse is representing the Chiefs and Berry himself.  It’s a team horse man.  He is your boy!  Yet Berry still proceeds with extreme caution when the horse is near.

Here is the comical proof of Berry’s phobia below.

Whereas most NFL players fear blowing out a knee, as Eric Berry did in his rookie season, Berry is more fearful of getting trampled by a horse.  Read these quotes from the video and pretend that he was saying this to members of the media.

“I don’t mess with horses bro, straight up.  He might come over here and throw a tantrum” said Berry.

“I don’t fool with no horses boy, said star safety Eric Berry during a home game against divisional opponents, the Oakland Raiders.

I can’t say I am too fond of the animal either.  Think about it.  A horse is like the equivalent of six Adrian Peterson.  Scary.

The Kansas City Chiefs are terrible but Berry is one of the few bright spots regarding the future.  If I am the General Manger of the Chiefs and Berry wants the horse gone, the horse is gone.


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