Tickets to Philadelphia 76ers Game Sell for 10 Cents

By Andrew Fisher

Often times you hear fans complain about the ridiculous cost of tickets to attend their favorite sporting events these days. I think we’ve all been there, when you know that you’re just getting taken to the cleaners for a couple of not-so-good seats.

Well have you been to a Philadelphia 76ers game lately?

For the team’s game on Wednesday night against the Detroit Pistons, tickets were selling on Stub Hub for as low as 10 cents. That’s not a typo, seriously 10 cents, in real life.

While I’m not a fan of either team, if you were and you lived anywhere remotely close to the arena, why not spend your Wednesday night watching some hoops? You just can’t beat that – even if they are the worst nose bleed seats, that ‘s entertainment value.

In addition to extremely low prices in Philly, there were six other NBA teams with tickets available for under $2 dollars on Wednesday.

This is absolutely a great thing for fans, especially families, but what does it say about the state of the league? The 76ers were a playoff team a year ago, and they’ll likely be one again this season. I can see low ticket prices for the bottom dwellers, but that certainly doesn’t describe Philadelphia.

Overall from a fan’s perspective this will be viewed as a positive, but if you’re a team owner, it must be a bit concerning when your ticket prices are competitive with those of the 1940’s. Hopefully business picks up soon in Philly, and for the other teams struggling to fill seats around the league.

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