Johnny Manziel Is Not Good At Kicking

By Riley Schmitt

Johnny Manziel is one of the favorites for the Heisman Trophy, so Texas A&M is doing everything they can to get him some hype. On Saturday, they let him attempt to kick an extra point. In a not surprising turn of events, Manziel shanked the kick.

There are some people that enjoyed this moment but it felt a little too gimmicky for me.  If he would have made the kick, I might feel different about it, but the miss makes it look really bad.  They were playing a team that had no chance to hang with so it feels like they were rubbing it in a bit.

I have the feeling this only happened because Manziel is trying to get a leg up in the Heisman race.  As a freshman, he faces a lot of obstacles to winning the award so they are trying everything they can to get him some attention.  This was not the best way to do it, but it did make this game somewhat interesting.  You would not know that by the score, but QBs attempting to do something different can always lead to highlights.

You will see this on a not top ten list for a while.  I appreciate Manziel giving it his all but they should really scrap this play.  It just felt forced and it was not a good look for the team.  Just let the kid stand behind his offensive line and go to work.  No need for gimmick stuff like this.


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