LSU Coach Les Miles Gives Amazing Press Conference

By Riley Schmitt

I am going to preface this post by saying that Les Miles is quite possibly my favorite coach in any sport right now. The head coach at LSU is always doing something amazing and/or zany. That is why that you have to pay attention to everything he does. On Saturday, he gave an amazing press conference that must be watched by everyone.

How can you watch that and not enjoy him?  His passion for the game and his players is almost unmatched.  You can tell that he really loves his team and this press conference shows that.  After watching this, I can see why players would go play football for him.  You can tell that he cares about the team and its players.

Right now, I would take Miles over almost any coach in football.  There may be guys who are better at in-game coaching but I would love to play like a guy for this.  Anytime you can hear a guy like this give a speech, you want to pay attention.  That is what makes him a great coach.  He is a great motivator and he really cares about his guys.

Well, I think I made my point clear about this video.  Miles is an amazing coach and he really cares about his players.  If you do not believe that, just watch the video.  He would go to the ends of the earth to help his players succeed, which seems to be a dying trait among coaches.  At least we still have some guys like this.

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