10 Best Athlete Names in Sports History

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10 Most Appropriate Athlete Names


The 20 Most Inappropriate Athlete Names was such a big hit, I figured there might as well be a list of the most appropriate athlete names too.

These may not be as funny and vulgar but their names pretty much fit their personality for their role as athletes. This one was a little harder to do so if you make the top 10, consider yourself very unique.

Okay, so they’re not all boring, some of them are funny just because they have ridiculous names in the first place. Working on this top-10 list, I discovered about 20 different athletes whose first name and last name are the same name, or at least close to it.

For example: Samoa Samoa, William Williams, Magnus Magnusson, and Duany Duany. Why on earth would you give your child a first name that is exactly the same (or close) to your last name?

But that’s beside the point. There’s nothing special to those names that matches their personality but I thought they deserved some recognition.

Overall this top-10 list will contain athlete names appropriate to their particular talents or sport. Once again, there is not one sport in particular that over-rules the others and athletes from all over the world have potential to make the top-10.

It’s crazy to think that some of these people were born with these names. Others may have changed their name but that doesn’t matter in my opinion. What matters the most is how the general public recognizes athletes, not what their birth certificate says.

I will start with an honorable mention for the man above, I.M. Hipp, a former walk-on for the Nebraska Huskers. He may have been a walk-on but this runningback ended up being one of the best in Husker history so his teammates probably thought he was pretty "hipp" at the time.

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10. Sonny Sixkiller

10. Sonny Sixkiller

College Quarterbacks are always looking to score 6 points and this former Washington Huskie killed a bunch of “6’s” during his college career

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9. Larry Playfair


Former hockey player for the Buffalo Sabres. He may not have been great but at least he played fair...

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8. Milton Bradley


This former MLB player played mind games with fans, team mates, managers and opponents. It’s only fitting that he be named after the company that created some epic board games.

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7. Richie Incognito


Usually if you’re “incognito” you don’t want your identity revealed. This NLF Offensive Lineman has enough tattoos that he can never match his name. The fact that he wasn’t exactly the cleanest player on the field makes the name even more fitting-not.

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6. God Shammgod


He played hoops for Providence College and in several professional leagues. How can you lose with God on your side? Well if he’s a “sham” God, is he for real? This is one of those athletes where we're not sure if it is his real birth name but it's what everyone knows him as.

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5. Longar Longar


And here we go with the only athlete on the list that has the same first and last name. He's a former Oklahoma Sooner that hails from the Sudan, and yes he was tall, 6'11'' to be exact.

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4. Quentin Jammer

Christopher Hanewinckel- US PRESSWIRE

An NFL Cornerback; many cornerbacks “jam” or hit a receiver at the line of scrimmage to throw him off his route. Therefore his name fits his position perfectly.

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3. Michael Stonebreaker


Former Notre Dame Linebacker that played like his name; he was tough enough to break stone.

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2. Roland "Rollie" Fingers


He is more well-known for his handlebar mustache, but this pitcher used his fingers to be the best relief pitcher of his era for the Oakland Athletics.

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1. Usain Bolt

Robert Deutsch- US PRESSWIRE

Thanks to the 2012 Summer Olympics, Usain Bolt holds the reigns for the most appropriate name. He is the fastest man in Track and Field history as he bolted past all of his opponents to set world records.