Greg Toler Has The Fumble Save Of The Year

By Riley Schmitt

Before today, I had never heard of Greg Toler. After Sunday, a lot of people are going to know about the Arizona Cardinals defensive player. Toler may have had the play of the year as he laid out to save a fumble from going out of bounds. Seriously, this needs to be seen to be believed.

Although Cardinals did not finish the game like they would have wanted, this play is going to be a highlight for a long, long time.  Toler had to completely lay out to try to grab that ball.  If he would have just done that, it would have been cool.  However, he somehow managed to throw the ball back in bounds, which led to a Cardinals recovery.  That is why this play is going to be seen for a long time.

The Cardinals have fallen off after a fast start, but you can not blame the defense for that.  The offense is anemic and they simply can not do anything after the defense bails them out over and over again.  A play like this is pure effort, but it did not end up mattering.  The Cardinals were unable to turn turnovers to into points and it cost them in the end.

At least Toler is going to star on some highlight shows for the next few days.  Football is a team sport but it never hurts to have some great individual accomplishments.  This will be something that Toler tells his kids about someday.  It is that good.

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