"Rocky: The Musical" Premieres in Germany

By Renae Juska

I’ve seen a lot of movies based off of sports in my life but one thing I have never witnessed would be a sport musical. This is probably because there has never really been a successful sport musical out there and I don’t live anywhere near a major concert hall.

But Germany is trying something new and making a sport musical based off of the classic “Rocky” movie from 1976. This weekend they gave “Rocky: The Musical” it’s first shot on the big stage.

The world premiere took place on Sunday at the Opperettenhaus in Hamburg, Germany with none other than Sly Stallone in attendance. And yes, this was a full-on musical including singing and dancing throughout the show.

You can take a look at concept here, it isn’t in English but you get the effect of how a boxing movie turns into a musical.


In my opinion, I’m not exactly sure how well a musical based off of a boxing story will go. However if it does get attention, it could definitely be a big money maker. Hopefully they can find a way to get boxing fans to go to the musical; I just feel like singing and boxing don’t quite mesh together effectively.

But Stallone was impressed with the first-ever boxing musical. He was very proud of the production and seemed to believe that it will have success. As of now, the production is planning to transfer the Rocky musical to Broadway in 2013.

If this is true, 66-year-old Stallone will have a major comeback considering the movie is so old. I’m sure that the production of a musical in the United States would boost sales of the Rocky DVD’s.

It’s all up in the air right now but if you’re heading to Germany any time soon, try to hit up the musical and see if you think it will be a success.


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