Rotnei Clarke Sinks 30ft Buzzer-Beater for a Butler Win

By Renae Juska
Brian Spurlock- US PRESSWIRE

Rotnei Clarke hasn’t played an NCAA Basketball game in over a year but he’s already proving his talent for the Butler Bulldogs.

Butler was playing the Marquette Golden Eagles at the EA Sports Maui Invitational in Lahaina, Hawaii when Clarke made his very lucky shot.

The Bulldogs were down by 2 with less than 7 seconds when they passed the ball to Clarke. From there he dribbled the entire way down the court and took an extreme throw of the ball to sink in the game winning 3-pointer.

Butler beat Marquette 72-21 and Clarke ended the game with 20 points and 6 rebounds.

This wasn’t just a typic 3-point jump shot though; Clarke threw the ball up with one hand, as he was balancing on one foot in order to get away from the defender. He even fell over halfway through the shot.

The best part about this is the fact that he single-handedly took the ball all the way down the court and managed to pull the shot off. He didn’t hesitate one bit and it doesn’t look like any other players were urging for him to pass the ball.

I’d have to say that this was pretty impressive for a guy that took a year off of basketball. The way the team reacted by dog-piling on top of him made it seem like they were already in the NCAA tournament, they went crazy.

Clarke played basketball for the Arkansas Razorbacks for 3 years before he decided it wasn’t where he wanted to be. Although he averaged 15.2 points a game, made 43.8% of his 3-point shots and 86% accuracy on free-throws during his junior year, the rest of the team was not helpful enough for the Razorbacks to have a successful season.

He was released bye his request in 2011 and committed to Butler. Clarke agreed to redshirt his technical “senior year” in order to continue college for a 5th year just so that he could play one more year of NCAA basketball.

It is early in the season but it seems like Clarke will definitely be an asset to the Bulldogs. The success of the Bulldogs the last two seasons means that Clarke has the potential to far in the big tourney at the end of the season.

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