Rotnei Clarke Sinks Amazing Three Pointer To Secure Butler Victory

By Riley Schmitt
Derick Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

The Maui Invitional always has some great moments for college basketball fans. On Monday, Rotnei Clarke of Butler added to that legacy by sinking an incredibly tough one handed three pointer to lift the Bulldogs over Marquette.

I mean, the dude just made a one handed three that was completely contested.  Marquette could not play any better defense on that play if they tried.  Clarke just rose up and made a tough shot.  Nothing you can do except tip your hat and move on to the next one.

Butler sort of underachieved last year but it looks like they should be just fine this year.  They brought back some key pieces and Clarke is an absolute dead-eye shooter from long range.  If you need a guy to take a shot like this, he is going to be on the top of a lot of lists.

As for Marquette, expect them to be down a little bit this year.  They have some key pieces returning but they also lost a lot after last season.  They will still compete night in and night out, but they might not have the results to back it up.  They will be fine in the next year or so.

If college basketball is going to start like this, I can not wait to see how it ends.  We have had some amazing games so far and I expect to see more as the season progresses.  Right now, Clarke holds the trophy for best game winner of the year.


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