The 12 Worst Owners in Professional Sports

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Money Can't Buy You Love

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If one owns a professional sport franchise, one would obviously have been successful at some point in their life. Owners are billionaires for a reason, whatever that reason may be, but having a billion dollars doesn’t automatically mean you are going to win. These 12 guys are living proof of that.

Pictured above is Jerry Jones, who is known by everyone and their mother as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Granted, Jones has won three Super Bowls as the owner, but that doesn’t make him a quality one. I mean, when you recently said you would have probably fired yourself as the GM, you have issues. But you know what the scary thing is? There are 12 guys worse than Jerry Jones.

These 12 owners are bad for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s team success, losing money, horrible personnel decisions, or just being a horrible person, these 12 guys have at least one skeleton in their closet. It’s a good feeling that I am not a fan of any of the teams these guys own, because if I were a fan of one of these teams, I would probably be quite depressed.

Without further ado, here are the 12 biggest Thurman Mermans sports ownership has ever seen. It’s probably safe to assume this list will stay current until they are forced out or… well… nevermind.

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Alex Spanos (San Diego Chargers)


Alex Spanos has been the majority owner of the San Diego Chargers since 1984. The Chargers have done some good things during that time, but it's hard to give a guy the benefit of the doubt when he still employs AJ Smith and Norv Turner on a yearly basis. Pictured above is his grandson, who could probably do a better job than Norv, which isn't saying much.

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Glen Taylor (Minnesota Timberwolves)

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Similar to Spanos, Glen Taylor has his moments with the Minnesota Timberwolves, but his failures outweigh those positives. Since Taylor was the owner, the Wolves are about 140 games under .500, and are one of the least valuable teams in the NBA. Also, he employs a GM who gave Dark Milicic $20 million dollars. Oh, and he also handed out "secret" contracts that backfired, giving the team numerous penalties and fines.

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Mike Brown (Cincinnati Bengals)

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Mike Brown is basically the Jerry Jones of the Midwest. He acts as the team's general manager, yet the Bengals are at or below the .500 mark on a consistent basic. Under Brown, the Bengals are about 90 games under .500, and have only been to the playoffs three times, winning zero championships. However, drafting Andy Dalton and AJ Green is a step in the right direction for Brown and his beloved Bengals.

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Michael Jordan (Charlotte Bobcats)

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For as good as Michael Jordan was as a player, he's that bad as an owner. All that needs to be said about Jordan's management resume is two names: Adam Morrison and Kwame Brown.

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Maple Leaf Sports And Entertainment (Toronto Maple Leafs & Raptors)

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Alright, I will admit I am as ignorant as one can be when it comes to the game of hockey, but I have also been nonplussed why the Toronto Maple Leafs always stink. Apparently, the answer to my question is the ownership for the team. The MLSE doesn't really care about winning as long as they are bringing in the profits. And when you are in control of the NHL's most valuable franchise, you're going to raking in the profits. Therefore, the people at MLSE are as happy as can be.

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William Clay Ford (Detroit Lions)


He's been the owner of the Lions since 1964, yet he has never been the owner of a championship team. He's also the guy who hired Matt Millen to be his general manager, which is basically all the evidence one would need. Ford Field is sweet, though.

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Robert Nutting (Pittsburgh Pirates)

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Although Nutting has officially been the owner since 2007, he's been around the front office since the early 90s. Whether it's shipping off their best players at the deadline, losing constantly, or treating their Minor League camps like military basic training, the Pirates have had a lot of problems under the Nutting regime. Andrew McCutchen can only do so much.

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Daniel Snyder (Washington Redskins)

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I have good news and bad news about Daniel Snyder and they are both the same: he spends a lot of money. He will never be shy about making a big move, but when he does, it backfires most of the time. Does Albert Haynesworth ring a bell?

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Fred Wilpon (New York Mets)


Wilpon is the 2012 version of Frank McCourt. He can't spend a dime, he should lose the team, and the fans hate his guts. The Mets need their version of Magic Johnson to save them. Otherwise, the Mets keep digging their grave deeper and deeper for the future.

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The Maloofs (Sacramento Kings)

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Similar to how they made their fortune, the Maloofs lost all their money from bad investments and gambles. For this reason, they have tried to move the Kings out of Sacramento, only to fail miserably. Essentially, the Maloofs are the Wilpons of the NBA.

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Jeffrey Loria (Miami Marlins)

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Alas, here is the man who is the motivation behind this list. Jeffrey Loria is the biggest conman owner there is today. He robbed the Miami taxpayers of millions, lied to potential free agents, and is just an overall scumbag. But he hasn't taken advice from hookers like this guy...

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Donald Sterling (Los Angeles Clippers)

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Donald Sterling is not only the worst owner in professional sports, but he's probably one of the worst people alive. His name as been linked to racism, sexual harassment, and harassment of his own players, but chumming it up with hookers about personnel decisions takes the cake, folks.