Luiz Adriano Scores Unsportsmanlike Goal In Champions League

By Riley Schmitt

I do not watch a lot of soccer, but this play from Luiz Adriano has rubbed me the wrong way. I do not know a lot about soccer, but I do know this. When a guy goes down and the play stops, give the ball back to the team that possessed it. Adriano did not do that and he ended up with a cheap goal.

While not being an actual rule, it is a sportsmanship rule that is not that hard to follow.  However, Adriano did not violate any actual rules, so the goal ended up counting.  There are probably two sides to this issue so let me try to explain them.

The first camp of people would argue that Adriano is doing nothing wrong.  The play was not blown dead and he really does not have to give the ball back to the other team.  He decided to play through the whistle and he ended up scoring.  There is nothing wrong with that, until you get to the second argument on this.

The second crowd of people will be incensed on a play like this.  He broke an unwritten rule, which tend to anger more people than written rules every will.  Although Adriano does not have to let the other team get the ball back, it would be expected that he does.  Almost every team and player operates under this code and this goal is a violation of said code.

As for me, it does bother me but you can not put all the blame on Adriano.  The other team has to be on their toes at all times in case stuff like this happens.

Play through the whistle y’all.  It’s not that hard.

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