Protest the NHL Lockout by Mailing in Your Shaved Beard

By Renae Juska

Are you sick of the NHL forming lockouts every season? Are you looking for a way to protest? Well, now you can protest the lockouts by simply shaving off your beard and mailing it to the NHL headquarters.

Yes, that is right; protestors are shaving off their beards and sending them to NHL officials in protest of this year’s lockout. This protest has become official enough to the point where a group of friends have produced a video to encourage other hockey fans to do the same.

As a tradition, dependable hockey fans participate in growing their beards during the NHL playoffs so this idea is perfect for the committed NHL fans.

Better yet, it is almost the end of “Movember” so fans are probably even more vulnerable to send in their hairy beards. The no-shave-November trend may result in the NHL offices receiving some disturbing packages of hair.

On another note, it could make administration even more angry. It’s hard to tell which hairs fans would actually mail into the NHL offices. I don’t think I’d enjoy being the person that opens packages of random body hair.

Will this end the NHL lockout? Probably not. But at least it would give NHL officials the hint; loyal fans miss their hockey. Sports fans of all kinds are ready for this lockout to be over.

Thanks to disappointing NCAA Football teams and NFL teams, fans are ready for a new season to begin. Hockey is the one of the most entertaining sports out there because players can get in fights and fans get rowdy; if you get in a fight during basketball season you’re going to find yourself serving a suspension.

So if you’re bored of football and looking to join in on the NHL protest, send in your facial hair to:

National Hockey League

1251 Avenue of the Americas

47th Floor

New York, NY 10020

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