Tim Tebow Was Sent Balloons By Anonymous Fan

By Riley Schmitt

Tim Tebow has not had the best year in New York so far. He has been stuck as the New York Jets backup quarterback behind Mark Sanchez all season. He has only been allowed a few plays on offense and in the meantime, he ends up having teammates take shots at him behind his back. Tuesday, his season and his mood may have been saved by a thoughtful fan.

Bart Hubbach – Twitter

If Tebow magically gets to play and he starts performing, I think we all need to base it off of this gift. I mean, who would not be cheered up by a random bouquet of balloons that were sent to you? I know that when I have a hard day at work, a batch of balloons would cheer me up.

I bet this gift went over real well in the locker room.  Football players are not exactly the most feeling people in the world so I bet he ended up getting a good bit of ridicule for it.  Of course, Tebow probably does not care about that one bit.  In fact, I bet he ends up trying to find out who sent these to him so he can properly thank him or her.

It has been a wild and wacky season for the Jets and this only adds to it.  This team has been all over the map but maybe things are going to get straightened out.  Otherwise, a lot more people than Tebow are going to need balloons.


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