Young Fan Ogles Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader, Wins Internet Forever

By Riley Schmitt

The Atlanta Hawks won a thrilling game on Wednesday, thanks to an amazing shot from Kyle Korver. As great as their win over the Washington Wizards was, they were not the stars of the show. A young fan who got a glimpse at a cheerleader has won the internet forever.

Seriously, that video might be the best thing ever.  Never in someone’s life have they rooted so hard for a wardrobe malfunction.  If that would have occurred, I think that kid could have died happy.  I bet he did not think he was on camera but we are all lucky that he was.

You are going to see this video a lot in the coming days.  This kid just gave us internet gold.  The best part about that video is that the cheerleader has no idea what is going on.  I am not sure anyone around him knows what is going on.  He is in full on creep mode and it makes for some great TV.

I actually wonder how often stuff like this happens at game.  This can not be one isolated incident.  There has to be a ton of videos like this out there that we do not know about.  If there is, someone needs to make video about it so we can all enjoy it.  Reactions like this are just way too awesome to be ignored.

I hope we get an interview with this kid.  He needs to explain what is going on because that is the only to make this better.

UPDATE:  We have confirmation that the kid is Al Horford’s little brother.  That makes this so much better.


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