Blown Call Leads to Detroit Lions' Gunther Cunningham Punting Playbook

By Renae Juska

The Detroit Lions don’t exactly have the best record in the NFL but they almost pulled off an upset against Houston Texans today. During the 3rd quarter, we learned that you should not make defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham mad.

Cunningham got a little frustrated on the sideline and ended up punting the playbook.

The entire reasoning for Cunningham’s mini temper-tantrum was all due to head coach Jim Schwartz’s mistake of throwing out a challenge flag. Okay, well it wasn’t all Schwartz’s fault because the referees made a bad call in the first place.

With 6:50 left in the 3rd quarter, Houston’s quarterback Matt Schaub handed the ball to Justin Forsett at the Houston 19-yard line. At the 26-yard line, it appeared that Forsett was tackled but instead he got up and kept running.

The officiating crew missed the entire play and never called Forsett down so the play resulted in an 81-yard touchdown. Judging by the picture above, you should be able to tell that Forsett was clearly down.

Since everyone else saw that Forsett was down on the play, Schwartz immediately threw down his challenge flag. However thanks to by-laws, Schwartz made a horrible decision by throwing down the flag too early.

All scoring plays in the NFL are reviewed however a twist in the by-laws states that if a coach throws a challenge flag on a scoring play, the play is considered unreviewable.

The sad thing is, that play resulted with the Texans tying the score 31-31 and taking the game into overtime where the Lions ultimately lost. Even better, Forsett set the record for longest touchdown run in Texans history.

It’s not quite as bad as the Moorehead State basketball coach lashing out on a player but coaches need to watch their tempers on the field a little more often.

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