LSU's Jarvis Landry Might Have The Touchdown Catch Of The Season

By Riley Schmitt
Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

Jarvis Landry of LSU just leaped to the top of the catch of the year standings. This incredible one handed snag is going to be all over the highlight shows for the next few days and for good reason. Just look at the full out extension he has to grab this pass.

I am still in awe of that.  The throw was a bit high but he was able to stick his arm out and secure it.  He somehow managed to land his body inbounds to keep the play legal.  It was an extremely difficult play but he made it look extremely easy.  That ends up taking a lot of talent.

There have been some other great catches this year but I am going to give the edge to Landry right now.  His body momentum makes it harder than some of the other great catches we have seen this year.  Not only did he have to snag the ball with just one hand, he had to somehow land inbounds.  The other catches have not combined those two elements yet this year.

The college football season is winding down so the chance to see plays like this is growing ever smaller.  That means the plays like this a lot more entertaining as they could end up being the lasting memory of the season.  If this play is the main thing people remember about LSU this year, that is probably a good thing.

Nice job, Jarvis.  You will see yourself on TV a bunch of times tonight.

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