Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial Comes True: Sprinklers Turn on During NFL Game

By Renae Juska

Everyone has seen the infamous Buffalo Wild Wings commercial where the sprinklers turn on during a game. Well today, the commercial turned into real life when the sprinklers came on during the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks game.

Without warning, in the 3rd quarter, the sprinklers just turned on. The game went through a mini-delay in order to turn the sprinkler system off.


The best part is that the sprinklers were drowning the entire field. It wasn’t just one or two sprinklers that went off; rather the entire field was being covered in water.

Both teams were completely shocked at the sprinklers. Even the announcers for the game seemed speechless; how are you supposed to respond when there’s a glitch with the sprinkler system? It’s not like you can just keep playing so everyone just stood there waiting to figure out what was going on.

In the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial, the sprinklers turn on to make a game go into overtime. So it wasn’t completely accurate since it was only in the 3rd quarter but it’s still hilarious.


Considering the Dolphins are a professional organization, I’m not exactly sure how someone could mess that up. Odds are that an employee of Sun Life Stadium will be getting a punishment whenever they find out who to blame. Luckily, Miami ended up winning the game 24-21.

These teams should just be lucky that they were in Miami and not in Chicago or Green Bay; the players would have been freezing and ice would have began to form on the field.

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