Notre Dame Celebration Results with ESPN's Rick Reilly Polishing Helmets

By Renae Juska
Mark J. Terrill- AP Photo

Post-game celebrations in the locker room are always amusing to watch. When the Notre Dame Fighting Irish went undefeated, of course they were ready to celebrate.

Of course they begin their celebration with the typical drowning of the coach with Gatorade on the field then celebrating with fans in the stands. But their locker-room celebration wasn’t overly outrageous like some of them.

They have their typical chants and honor the coach by granting him the game-ball but one player in particular had something else on his mind.

The best part of the locker room celebration is when you see Kapron Lewis-Moore on his phone. He states a couple times, “I need to find him.”

So who was Lewis-Moore trying to find? He was trying to find ESPN’Rick Reilly on Twitter to prove a point. Reilly had been bashing on Notre Dame all season saying they didn’t have the ability to go undefeated and make it to the BCS Championship Game.


That’s right, don’t mess with the Fightin’ Irish or you will be polishing their helmets. The sad thing is, it is actually an honor to polish and re-paint helmets before a game.

For decades, students volunteered and were chosen to spray paint the helmets. The tradition slightly changed last year when the team got new helmets with real specks of gold. Now the students that get selected inspect every helmet to make sure the 23.9-karat gold is still intact.

So Reilly, if you really do get to polish Notre Dame’s helmets for the BCS Championship Game, consider it an honor.

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