Red Bull's Synchronized Base Jumpers Free-Fall in Norway

By Renae Juska


Freefly base jumping may not be your typical sport but these unusual athletes sure do pull of some crazy stunts. The Red Bull Soul Flyers have recorded their most recent adventure in Norway.

The cliff they jumped off of was 3280 ft. tall, not comparable to Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile space jump but still over half a mile. Not to mention, these jumpers were surrounded by rock the entire time of their fall.

The two jumpers were Fred Fugen and Vince Reffett; both men are 3X world champions in base-jumping. They perform some crazy synchronized stunts as they are plummeting down the vertical wind tunnel.

Aerial sports aren’t your typical “cup of tea” but these athletes take one of the biggest risks in the world. If something fails with your parachute, you might as well consider yourself dead.

It has to take a lot of motivation and adrenaline to risk your life every time you make a jump. It is definitely considered to be one of the more extreme sports in the world.

Although they don’t exactly get credit for the jumps, the camera crew shooting these jumps should get some recognition; they’re jumping from exactly the same heights and attempting to keep up with the jumpers. They may not be performing insane tricks but they’re still risking their life to record the jump.

How these two professionals stay so synchronized throughout the jump is beyond me but this video was awesome to watch. Red Bull definitely has found some talented athletes to sponsor and let’s just say that I think they “earned their wings” with their insane jumps.

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