Sprinklers Turn On In The Middle Of Miami Dolphins Game

By Riley Schmitt

The Miami Dolphins are starting to struggle this year and they may have just had the funniest moment of the football season. During their game with the Seattle Seahawks, the sprinklers at Sun Life Stadium turned on during the game. Trust me, the video is simply amazing.


That has to be the first time that has ended up happening.  I happened to be watching it live when it happened and I instantly started laughing.  You would think they would have the timers on the sprinklers turned off on Sundays, but who knows?  It’s just a weird situation all around.

It did not cause a major delay but it was still something to laugh about.  You will see this on a lot of sports shows for the next few days.  There is some serious case of fail going on when sprinklers end up disrupting the middle of a game.  I think someone is going to get quite the talking to the next day.

Maybe this will be the inspiration that the Dolphins need to come back and win the game.  Someone is obviously trying to help them out if this is going on.  Then again, maybe there is just raging incompetence in Florida these days.  I guess if they take care of fields like they count votes, this should not be shocking.

At least the players got a nice cooling shower during the game.  You know that it always ends up hot in South Florida.  Maybe they were just trying to help the players out.



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