Top Ten Golf WAGs

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Elizabeth Wylie

When it comes to looking for WAGs, golf isn't typically the first sport you look at it. It might be the standard prejudices against golf or some other unforeseen reason, but it is still a little bit strange. There are plenty of great WAGs in the golfing world and it is our intent to bring that to light.

In today's slideshow, we take a look at ten of the hottest WAGs in golf. Some of these names are pretty familiar while others are a bit more under the radar. For instance, I knew about only four of these before I started. Nothing that a little research can't fix, however. Then again, that might explain the whole "we don't know golfer WAGs" issue I eluded to earlier.

As always, I expect some people to disagree with this list. That is what the Internet was founded on. Arguments over completely subjective arguments that end up going around and around until someone eventually hates that they started the argument in the first place. If you really think that a list of golfer WAGs is worth an argument, whatever. I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

Anyways, I believe it is time for me to step down off my soapbox and let you get to clicking through our list of the Top Ten Golfer WAGs. It may be a sport that gets ignored more often than not, but you have to admit that their crop of wives and girlfriends is something that we should be paying attention to. Otherwise, we are just going to keep missing out.

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10. Amy Mickelson

Brian Spurlock US PRESSWIRE

Although she comes in at 10 on this list, Mickelson is one of the standard bearers on the list. In fact, most of these rankings are close enough that the numbers don't matter.

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9. Nicole Horrex

nicole horrex

The girlfriend of Sergio Garcia is not that well known to the public but I think we should probably change that.

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8. Elin Nordegren


She's down on the list because she's not technically a WAG anymore, but the former wife of Tiger Woods used to be really high on this list.

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7. Amanda Leonard

Kimberly Wylie

She's married to Justin Leonard and she has amazing teeth. In fact, that's about the only thing I notice in the picture.

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6. Caroline Wozniacki

Steve Mitchell US PRESSWIRE

She's known for being the girlfriend of Rory McIlroy, but I wonder if she's not the better athlete out of the two.

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5. Caroline Harrington

Sam Greenwood GETTY IMAGES

The wife of Padraig Harrington is a staple on most of these lists.

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4. Diane Donald


The wife of Luke Donald is going to be on almost any WAG list you see. You would think he has to be proud of that.

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3. Kate Phillips


Phillips is married to Justin Rose. The two do a lot for charity, so she's more than just a good looking lady.

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2. Kandi Mahan

Source: UK Telegraph

Kandi is the wife of Hunter and she's a former NFL cheerleader. That's not a bad career path.

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1. Alexandra Browne

Source: Ripley News (Getty)

A lot of people may not know Brown (pictured right), but she happens to be the girlfriend of Rickie Fowler. With looks like this, it's hard not to have her at the top of any list.