Tyson Chandler Throws Down Vicious Dunk On Brooklyn Nets

By Riley Schmitt

Tyson Chandler is one of the lynchpins on the New York Knicks, so you expect him to step up in big games. The Knicks are taking on the Brooklyn Nets, which certainly fits the description for a big game. In the first quarter, Chandler decided to throw down a vicious dunk on the Nets, which will be on highlights everywhere:


There a few things we should notice about this dunk.  First off, you should not be able to dunk on people like this.  Putting two guys on a poster at once is something that is just not fair.  This is why I am jealous of people who can dunk like this.  It is simply not fair to the rest of us.

Secondly, Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace learned a valuable lesson.  You always need to box out.  If either one of those guys puts a body into Chandler, this play is avoided.  Instead, they gave him a free lane to set up this dunk.  That is one of the cardinal sins of basketball, but it worked out well for fans everywhere.

This game is going to be intense and it will go down to the wire.  It may not be the highest scoring affair in league history, but the intensity on defense is something special.  When two teams are going hard at each other, it makes for a fun night.  This new budding rivalry is going to be fun for the foreseeable future, but I do not see someone topping this play for a long time.


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