Adidas Releases Final Part Of Derrick Rose's "The Return"

By Riley Schmitt

As hard as it is to believe, Derrick Rose is still injured. I know that Chicago Bulls fans lament this fact every day, especially after the choke job they managed to pull on Monday night. However, Adidas is still pumping out videos of Rose as they document his return. On Tuesday, the final installment titled “All In” was released to the public.

Like the rest of the series, they try to serve as an insight into how Rose is recovering from his knee surgery.  They also double as ads for the shoe company so I guess everyone wins in this situation.  The videos are very well done if you can ignore the fact that they are a giant ad campaign.  Then again, who can really blame them in this situation?

This is supposed to be the final installment but I bet we end up seeing more episodes/videos of Rose’s return.  If they keep drawing attention to your company, why would you stop producing them?  It just does not make a lot of business sense to stop right now.  If you want to make more money, you need to keep your guy in the spotlight and these videos do that.

I am still targeting a February return for Rose, even if the Bulls seem to be capped out as a second round team this year.  Rose wants to play and he needs to get back to something resembling 100 percent before next season.  The Return is still in full swing and basketball fans can’t for it to actually happen.

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