Rajon Rondo And Kris Humphries Get Involved In Minor Fracas

By Riley Schmitt

Things got interesting on Wednesday night as Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries decided to get into a shoving match. Things broke down quickly after a foul on Kevin Garnett and it ended with Rondo, Gerald Wallace and Humphries all ejected for their roles.


This will end Rondo’s assist streak but I did like something about what he did here.  He did not back down to the bigger guy and he backed up his teammate.  The foul to Garnett was pretty much a smack to the face and Rondo did what a good teammate would do.  He may have pushed it too far, but at least he was willing to stand up for him.

Sometimes basketball games need stuff like this.  I do not want this breaking out in every game but it does keep you on your toes.  Some people do not like this stuff but let the guys solve it themselves.  The ejections were needed so I think everything that happened was settled right away.

I doubt that the league will get involved since it really did not involve anyone but the guys on the court.  It did get close to the stands but it did not involve fans, so it is all good in my book.  No harm, no foul.

You will see this all over the highlight shows tonight though.  In fact, I bet it ends up leading most programs.  Fights draw a lot of attention and although there were no actual punches, it was still something worth seeing.

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