15 of the most entertaining athletes on Twitter

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15 of the most entertaining athletes on Twitter


Twitter has grown to be an excellent place for athletes to show their true colors outside of their respective sports. Since the social media network started in 2006, over 7,000 athletes have started accounts to increase fan support.

Every sport has been encouraging the use of social media networks, including Twitter, in order to give the fans a larger voice. Fans are now able to have discussions with their favorite athletes within the 140 character limit that is available to everyone on the site. If some fans are lucky, their favorite athletes may even "follow" them which enables them to message them whenever they please to do so. This has worked in the favor of several athletes throughout the last few years as some have become fan favorites due to their use of self exposure on the site which now is the host to over 500 million people across the globe.

However, even though Twitter has plenty of benefits, it has gotten numerous athletes in serious trouble. There aren't any filters on Twitter which means once they click the "Tweet" button, that could lead to possible allegations which could get one fined, or even fired. Some athletes have even been fined for using Twitter before an event, or even on the sidelines during events which have been added to several league-rule books, deeming the use of a mobile device as prohibited.

Twitter has expanded the sports world in more ways than not as some have shown they are just like regular people. Most athletes Tweet about their everyday lives with the occasional contest for fans or any other thing that they can do which can involve the fans even more.

Joseph Wolkin can be followed on Twitter at @JosephNASCAR.

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Ndamukong Suh

Detriot Lions

One of the nastiest players in the NFL, Ndamukong Suh has made up for his aggressive playing style by talking to fans on a daily basis. Suh uses sarcasm throughout his Tweets and even gives some advice to fans as well as talking about other sports throughout the world.

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Michael Phelps

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY

The world's most coveted Olympic Swimmer, Michael Phelps, is on Twitter roughly every other day. Phelps offers pictures of new purchases he makes as well as charities which he strongly supports, showing his true colors after having controversy several years ago.

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R.A. Dickey

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

After winning the Cy-Young Award in probably the best comeback story of all-time, R.A. Dickey's popularity on Twitter isn't as immense as other top athletes, but he is rather amusing. Dickey uses Twitter pretty often to make his voice heard about important topics such as the Hurricane Sandy efforts, but also jokes around such as posts about local sports teams within the New York City area.

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Paul Bissonnette


His user-name on Twitter is exciting by just looking at it, "BizNasty2point0." Paul Bissonnette, a Left Wing in the NHL, is one of the most hysterical hockey players on Twitter as he posts videos of hockey fans and usually re-tweets a lot of people. Bissonnette also follows his peers which has helped increase his list of followers to over 350,000 people.

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Jared Sullinger


The NBA rookie is attempting to start off his career by gaining a large fan base and there is no better way of doing that then by communicating with fans. Jared Sullinger has over 100,000 followers and talks to fans constantly, especially about important topics.

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Logan Morrison

Miami Marlins
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Logan Morrison enjoys Twitter a lot as he Tweets to fans several times a day. He even jokes to fans about his teammates such as in this Tweet, "Only at home. NEVER on the road RT @Redd_garcia: Didyou always look at gaby Sanchez butt while stretching @LoMoMarlins."

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Reggie Bush

Miami Dolphins

Reggie Bush is a class act on and off of the football field. He uses Twitter to get closer to his fans in an odd way. He even asks people what they are doing on some days and talks about what he does while not playing football, giving fans an inside access to his interesting lifestyle.

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LeBron James

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

Apparently, LeBron James is a family man after all, even after winning an NBA title. James puts up pictures of his two children, both boys, and even takes some time out of his busy schedule in the middle of the season to answer fans occasionally.

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Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant has become a basketball sensation over the past few seasons and he continues to use it to his advantage. Durant has been using his Twitter to give advice to fans on how to follow their dreams as well as showing off his "style" such as new sneakers, hats, or some crazy new apparel he bought.

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Michael Strahan

New York Giants
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The former NFL Defensive End, who is now on a daytime television show now, is on Twitter constantly, keeping everyone informed on his opinions. Michael Strahan is a character and it shows as he thanks fans for their appreciation and support as well as the occasional joke which helps lighten up the mood.

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Jon Rauch


Jon Rauch isn't that popular among baseball fans, but his popularity as a relief pitcher has grown over the years. His trademark is tattoo's all over his body which is an intimidation factor for the opposing batters. Rauch usually posts Instagram pictures of he and his family and uses profanity every now and then which is what all sports fans love to see.

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Chad Johnson


Good ol' Ocho Cinco has a very loud voice on Twitter. Chad Johnson posts very often as he gives fans the opportunity to hear practically every thought he has which is rather amusing while reading their news feeds.

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Jerry Rice

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Jerry Rice is simply the best wide-receiver in NFL history, no if's and's or but's. Rice is on Twitter quite often and is truly hysterical as he even talks about his stint on "Dancing with the Stars."

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Tim Tebow

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

It's Tebow Time. Well then again, when isn't it Tebow Time on Twitter. Tim Tebow doesn't joke that often on Twitter, but it is the seriousness of his Tweets that makes him entertaining. Tebow brings religion into play throughout most of his posts as he shows the humane side of his life to fans. One of the most talked about athletes in the country, Tebow has over two million followers and the few people he follows back are usually influential to his career.

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Brad Keselowski


The newest NASCAR champion is truly a big mouth. Brad Keselowski was fined $25,000 for using Twitter on his phone inside of his race car during a red-flag just a week before he locked up his first career Sprint Cup Series title. Keselowski even Tweeted during the Daytona 500, NASCAR's Super Bowl. He uses Twitter daily and talks to fans more than any other personality in sports as he makes his voice heard at the same time of being one of the most controversial race car drivers of all time.

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