Byron Mullens Puts LaMarcus Aldridge On A Poster

By Riley Schmitt

We might have a new contender for dunk of the season after Monday night. Byron Mullens, who is best known for being a center who loves taking threes, threw down a massive dunk on LaMarcus Aldridge, who is known for being really good at whatever he does. Normally you think the two parties would be reversed in this situation.

I watched a ton of Mullens when he was in college.  At no time in his career did I think he could do something like this.  At no point did I even think he would be playing professional basketball.  He may have been really young, but he just did not look that talented.  This explains why I am not a basketball scout.

The Charlotte Bobcats are surprising everyone this year and Mullens is going to have to be a big part of their play.  He needs to get more efficient and he needs to stop taking so many threes.  That is going to be the death of him and his team.  There is no need for him to be shooting so many threes, but I digress.

You will see this dunk all over highlight shows for the next few days.  I would have never guessed that Mullens could do this and seeing a seven footer put down a poster like this is absurd.  I can not wait to watch this over and over again for the next week or so.  This is truly one of those dunks that you have to see to believe.


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