Texas A&M Fan Gets Crazy Johnny Manziel Haircut

By Renae Juska

SEC fans are quite avid football fans and they’re always doing crazy things to support their favorite teams or players. But how far is too far when it comes to supporting your team?

You’ve seen fans get haircuts with team names, logos, and faces but one Texas A&M Aggies’ fan took his haircut of Johnny Manziel to the extreme and he even managed to make it on YouTube to document the haircut.

Hopefully this kid doesn’t have a job because the haircut isn’t exactly something I would call “presentable” in the workplace.


Manziel is better known as “Johnny Football” due to his unexpected greatness as a redshirt freshman quarterback. He is even being considered a strong candidate for the Heisman award.

This fan just took is haircut to the ultimate level, buzzed cut with Manziel’s face on one side and Johnny Football on the other. If it was just a buzz cut I wouldn’t be that impressed but the fact that he added colors and shading is just insane.

The Aggies have only been a member of the SEC for one season but the Texas A&M fans seem to fit in well with their conference and their loyal fans.

The Aggies had an average 7-6 record in 2011 and Manziel has turned the team around to have a winning 10-2 record. As the final week of the regular season comes to a close, the Aggies are ranked #9 in the nation and will be facing the 11th-ranked Oklahoma Sooners in the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic on January 4th .

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