The Jordan XX8 Shoe Is Extremely Interesting

By Riley Schmitt
Darren Rovell TWITTER

I like to consider myself something of a basketball shoe fan.  Although I was not exactly great at the sport, I think basketball shoes are one of the coolest things about the sport.  All the different companies do their best to come out with great shoes and the Jordan brand has always been near the top.  However, Monday’s release of the Jordan XX8 might need to be reconsidered.

I will go on record and say these are the ugliest basketball shoes that I have ever seen.  I have no idea who would want to wear a shoe that goes up that high.  At this rate, these look more like collector’s items than anything you would ever want to wear on a court.  However, I bet there is still a giant rush to buy these shoes.  It wouldn’t be a new Jordan without overwhelming demand.

However, I just do not like the direction that this is taking.  It is almost a completely ripoff of an Under Armour design and it should remain with that company.  Jordan brand has always come out with good things but this just does not look right.  I can not imagine many players wanting to wear this on the court.

This does raise a good question, though.  What do you think is the ugliest basketball shoe of all time?  I mean, there are always some good choices for that award.  These are bad but there can always be something worse.

I hope that I don’t know anyone who gets these shoes.  I might have to punch them.

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