Christian Ponder to Wed ESPN's Samantha Steele; 5 Hot Pictures of the Sideline Anchor

By Jeff Shull

ESPN college football sideline reporter and resident hottie Samantha Steele has an incredible story. She hatched a plan to move up the ESPN ranks by working as a hostess at ESPN Zone, a restaurant in New York City. She moved to New York after graduating college with no real plan, but now can be seen every Saturday gracing the sidelines of the major college football games.

“I went to the ESPN Zone in Times Square and applied to be a hostess,” she said. “This was my thought process, this is how naïve I was. I thought there would be ESPN people coming in there because it’s the ESPN Zone.”

Well, her plan worked. She eventually met someone who worked for ABC Sports Radio, which led to an internship with Fox. That turned into a job with ESPN’s new Longhorn Network, which was the final step before Steele was brightening our Saturdays. It didn’t take ESPN long to replace Erin Andrews, who now works for FOX. Steele is just as hot and just as blonde. She came along at just the right time.

She also apparently has found a husband in NFL quarterback Christian Ponder. The Minnesota Vikings have struggled through the air on offense this season, mainly due to the injuries to Percy Harvin, but will Ponder be distracted by this blonde bombshell?

We’ve seen Tony Romo bring blonde after blonde to NFL stadiums around the country before finally settling down with Candice Crawford, but thankfully, for Ponder’s sake, Steele has a steady job that will likely keep her pretty busy during football season.

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