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25 Athletes With Horrible Haircuts

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25 Horrible Haircuts

Derick E Hingle- USA Today

If you’re a famous athlete and plan on going out in public you better double-check your appearance. When you go out in public, you better assume that you will be judged if you look like a train wreck.

When celebrities wear a ridiculous form of clothing, they can easily change. They may be featured in a magazine as worst dressed but at least it’s something that easily can be fixed by buying some new clothes.

Your hair on the other hand, is not always an easy fix. If you get a bad haircut, then you better expect to be made fun of for a while. Luckily for male athletes, they can shave their head bald but then they risk the fact that their hair may never grow back.

Some of these are athletes that are just plain ridiculous in the first place and just have numerous hairstyles to make the fans keep attention to them but others seem to never change their horrible haircuts.

A few of the top 25 worst haircuts are people that purposely made ridiculous haircuts. I’m sure you can guess at least one in particular that changed his hair color on pretty much a weekly basis. Here’s a hint if you’re completely lost: former NBA player.

Most of them have gone back to having normal hair but their bad hair phases are what make them hit the top 25 list.

Tracy Porter from the New Orleans Saints (above) almost made the top-25 cut but his haircut for a good cause prevented me from adding his pac-man shaved head into the list.

Either way, these haircuts make us laugh and provide us entertainment to critique people that are always in the mainstream media.

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25. Thomas Denny


This boxer always seems to have a shade of pink or red in his hair followed by a faux-hawk or just a gelled-up mess on the top of his head.

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24. Tiger Woods


Back in 2005, Woods had a little hair-mishap and ended that resulted with leopard printed spots on his head.

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23. Adam Morrison


He plays over in Turkey now but Adam Morrison’s curls were extremely noticeable. His hair cut when he played at Gonzaga wasn’t any better and he had an even darker mustache to go along with it.

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22. Jaromir Jagr


He now has a more conserved look but Jaromir Jagr took the mullet’s “business in the front-party in the back” to be pretty much entirely party all over.

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21. Ron Artest


I’m just going to take a wild guess that Ron Artest was attempting to mimic Dennis Rodman when he went through his crazy buzz-cut with different colors phase.

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20. Robin Lopez

Robert E Hingle- USA Today

If you could keep your hair one color you might be able to pull off the little curly-q’s but having 2 tones just makes your hair look like a ball of yarn.

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19. Barcary Sagna


He plays football for Arsenal and the France Olympic football team but his little blonde braids are referred to as "snakes" by many.

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18. Patrick Kane

Rob Grabowski- USA Today

I do miss the NHL hockey season, however I do not miss Patrick Kane’s frat-boy style mullet.

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17. Troy Polamalu

Kirby Lee- USA Today

Well his hair isn’t exactly a "cut," it more so needs a hair cut. Somehow he is a sponsor for Proctor & Gamble for his long locks.

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16. Kevin Grosskreutz


He changes his hair fairly often but none of his other hairstyles have been this outrageous. I’m taking a wild guess that he did this as a dare because it didn’t last very long.

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15. Joakim Noah


He may keep his hair tame and pulled back on the court now, but if you remember back to the NBA Draft in 2007, Noah had quite the afro going on.

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14. Jason Kidd


Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Back in the day Jason Kidd attempted the Eminem-style blonde hair. Let’s just say he should probably keep his head shaved from now on.

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13. Andrew Bynum


I don't really know why Bynum recently changed his hairstyle. It seems as if he is attempting to go through an afro but this stage of it is just hideous.

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12. Josh Koscheck

Joe Camporeale- USA Today

I don’t even know how to describe this haircut except that it looks like a little kid from a cartoon.

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11. Randy Johnson


He was known as the pitcher with the crazy mullet... and the guy that hit a bird.

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10. Chris Kaman


If you’re going to have long hair, at least pull it back into a ponytail.... especially if you’re hair is extremely thinning.

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9. Taribo West


These mini-green braids make it look like he has bundles of bright baby snakes wrapped up on his head. However they have made him popular to the soccer world.

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8. Chris Andersen

Ron Chenoy- USA Today

When his hair isn't in a Mohawk, it’s greased back tight with a headband. Granted, the tattoos don’t help the situation.

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7. Carlos Valderrama


Carlos Valderrama, AKA the male version of a blonde Raggedy Ann doll.

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6. Roberto Baggio


Is there even a definition for this hair? It’s not quite a mullet but it is a curly disaster.

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5. Dennis Rodman


You never really knew what to expect when it came to Dennis Rodman. One day it’d be green, one day it’d be pink and next thing you knew, it was tie-dyed.

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4. Coco Crisp

Kelly L Cox- USA Today

Although Coco Crisp’s hair has tamed down in the last year, everyone can remember when this Oakland A’s player had quite the ridiculous fro going on.

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3. Domata Peko

Charles LeClaire- USA Today

I can’t tell if this looks more like Jesus hair or a pirate’s locks.

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2. Andrei Kirilenko

Jesse Johnson- USA Today

Your hair is long and thin, I hope you don’t expect this hairstyle to hide the receding hair line under those long bangs because it clearly isn't working.

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1. Mark Davis

Kirby Lee- USA Today

Who on earth cuts Mark Davis’ hair like this? Is he trying to mimic Donald Trump's hair? Because it's about the same shade of blonde. This has to top the ultimate worst haircut of today.

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