Lionel Messi Suffers Potentially Serious Knee Injury In Meaningless Match

By Riley Schmitt

Soccer fans across the world are holding their breaths after Lionel Messi left Wednesday’s match with a potential serious knee injury. The match to Barcelona was meaningless in the long term, but Messi was attempting to break the record for most goals scored in a calendar year. He had a good attempt at the goal and then collapsed to the ground.

As of right now, the club is calling it a “minor” injury, but it looks like it could be much worse. The only way I see it as minor is if it came from the contact that he had with the opposing goalie. They have just knocked knees and he could have suffered a contusion. However, watching him collapse makes me think it might end up being worse.

Messi is probably the best in the world at what he does, so the soccer community is a lot worse off if he is unable to take the pitch for the foreseeable future. It may be a ligament injury and those can take up to a couple months to heal. Most people are hoping it is simply a minor thing, but it looks like it could be worse when it is all said and done.

We will keep you updated if we hear any more about this injury. His pursuit of a new record could be on hold or it could be over for good. I know that some fans wanted him to break the record badly, so this is a major disappointment to them.

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