Peyton Manning Tried To Get Butch Jones To Coach Colorado

By Riley Schmitt
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Butch Jones was involved with two of the most interesting coaching searches this offseason. He accepted the Tennessee job Friday morning after spending multiple days mulling over a Colorado offer. The strangest part about all of this? Peyton Manning tried to sell him on the Colorado job earlier this week.

I do find it very strange that Manning would attempt to sell Jones on the Colorado job.  It is not like Manning has a big connection to the school or the state.  Why he would try to improve the college team, I’ll never know.  However, it has led to a very interesting situation.

Jones did not take Manning’s advice and ended up at UT, which just so happens to be the alma mater of Manning.  I wonder where he would rather have Jones at.  Is he happy that he is going to attempt to bring UT back to prominence or would he rather have him trying to rebuild Colorado.  I am sure that led to a pretty interesting emotional situation for Manning.

I guess I have never really heard of pro athletes trying to influence coaches on college jobs.  I guess if you have a connection to the school, it makes sense.  However, Manning has nothing to do with the school at all.  Then again, I bet he is pretty happy that his former school ended up with a good coach.

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