UAB Men's Basketball Team Adopts 5-Year Old Cancer Survivor

By Renae Juska

With Christmas right around the corner, we are seeing athletes make charitable donations and visits to children’s homes to help spread the holiday cheer.

We normally see them helping out people in-need or at-risk youth but you can’t forget about the little kids that have gone through forms of pediatric cancer. They have spent more time in the hospital than some people will in their whole life.

Five-year old Elijah Seritt was a lucky little boy Saturday afternoon and received honors to become a member of the University of Alabama at Birmingham basketball team.The UAB men’s basketball team officially adopted Seritt after his struggle with a rare brain cancer

At 19-months of age, Seritt was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in 2008. He had 15 surgeries within six months of his diagnosis before the cancer went into remission. On top of that, he had two bone marrow transplants and extensive chemotherapy.

Three years later, Seritt is still cancer-free and making progress. He had to reacquire simple brain functions such as coordination and motor skills but his health is improving.

Not only did Seritt get the recognition as becoming a member of the basketball team, but he also got to meet the coaches and players. He walked by and shook all of the players’ hands with the help of a walker for him to keep balance. He had attended their basketball games in the past but never to the extent of the welcoming he got on Saturday.

This was a very heartwarming story of success and shows that athletes and coaches willingly take the time to make a child’s life happier.


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