Derrick Rose Stars In The Red Knight Rises

By Riley Schmitt

We are about a month and a half into the NBA season and the Chicago Bulls are playing like people expected them to. They fight hard every night but sometimes they lose games due to a lack of talent. That will happen when your best player is out. Derrick Rose is still recovering from his ACL tear but that doesn’t mean people can’t make cool videos about him. Enter The Red Knight Rises.

Now this video is a bit dated, but that does not mean it is any worse for wear.  It stars Rose in a parody of The Dark Knight Rises, which is quite the popular movie.  Whoever made this had to invest a lot of time into it because it is very well done.  I have seen this multiple times and the symmetry matches up very well.

The only issue that I have with this video is the mashup of other Bulls players.  Not exactly the most accurate representation of their roster.  While those players did play for the Bulls, they do not anymore.  That could be improved but at this point, that is merely nitpicking.

No one is for sure when Rose is going to come back.  There are whispers that he will start practicing by the end of December and that he could be on the court right around the All-Star break.  If the Bulls are going to make any noise this year, they need Rose.  However, you don’t want to rush the kid back.

We can’t have anything spoil the return.  Otherwise, this simply is not as cool.

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