Franco Harris Needs To Let The Penn State Sanctions Go

By Riley Schmitt
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

By now, we should all know that there is something wrong with Franco Harris. The Penn State alum is on a mission to prove that Joe Paterno did nothing wrong during the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Harris has also been on the warpath against the NCAA and on Wednesday, he attempted to confront Mark Emmert in the airport.

This is one of the biggest issues people have with Penn State.  There are a lot of people that understand that sanctions were necessary after such horrible things happened.  However, those people are not getting enough attention.  You have a guy like Harris, who at this point really needs a hobby, trying to track down the president of the NCAA. He’s making anyone associated with the school look like a fool.

Harris keeps saying that the sanctions are not fair.  You know what’s not fair?  Those kids that were attacked in the locker rooms.  That was not fair.  Sanctions on a football team and stripping Paterno of his wins and statue are things that are just a drop in the bucket.  If you want to focus on unfairness, this is not the topic to preach about.

Hopefully Harris does not represent the thoughts of other Penn State fans.  They know that terrible things happened and they are ready to move on and deal with the punishment.  Unfortunately, there are some idiots out there like this that refuse to see what is front of them.

Do us all a favor Franco and move on.

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