High School Girls Basketball Team Embarrasses Opponent 107-2

By Ben Grimaldi
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

When a girls high school basketball team in Indianapolis went out to try and snap their 23-game losing streak, I’m sure they weren’t guessing that loss number 24 would be by such a wide margin. Bloomington South High School defeated Arlington High by a score of 107-2 on Tuesday night in what can only be described as one of the worst displays of sportsmanship I’ve ever heard of.

As if the final score wasn’t enough, here is what Bloomington coach Larry Winter told the Indianapolis Star about the game, “I didn’t tell my girls to stop shooting because that would have been more embarrassing (to Arlington),” he said. “We were not trying to embarrass them or run up the score.”

That is complete garbage! I don’t know Mr. Winter but what I do know is that he isn’t the right person to be coaching basketball or anything involving the minds of young people.

High school coaches should be teaching the game, yes, but they should also be teaching young people about sportsmanship and and about being a good person. This is the level to preach fundamentals and humility, of which Winter’s is doing an awful job of.

Plenty of people wonder why athletes grow up to be jerks and cannot be trusted as role models, well this is an example of players at a low level not getting the proper coaching or teaching in life.

Thankfully, Arlington coach Ebony Jackson gets what it means to lead young people, “No, it’s not OK, but (Winters) will have to live with that,” she said. “If that’s how they want to carry themselves, that’s fine. I’m focused on me and mine, and we’ll just keep going.”

I understand that some people want to teach the lesson that life is difficult and sometimes you have to lose the hard way but embarrassing girls at the high school level doesn’t make sense to me. Mr. Winter’s should be ashamed of himself. I can’t blame the girls on Arlington because they were doing as their coach instructed.

Mr. Winters is everything that’s wrong with sports and he needs to learn something about sportsmanship.

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