Michael Jordan Practices With Charlotte Bobcats

By Riley Schmitt

Michael Jordan may be up there in age in these days, but I bet he can still bring it on the basketball court. In fact, he took time out of his day to practice with the Charlotte Bobcats, which happens to be the team that he owns.


I would have to imagine that this would be a great thrill for the young guys on the team.  Almost all of them grew up watching MJ dominate night in and night out.  Picking up any pointers from the best basketball player of all time would be a dream for a lot of people.  It may not reflect on the team’s record, but having a guy like MJ there certainly can’t hurt the team.

This does make me wonder about how Jordan would do if he made a final comeback.  I mean, the chances of it happening are zero but it is fun to think about.  I would imagine that if he took six months to get into some sort of shape, he could probably be an effective guy off the bench for a few minutes a game.  Keep in mind that he is almost 50 years old, and has probably smoked more cigars than most people can count.

Maybe lessons like this will help the Bobcats to keep moving forward.  It it is a long process but they do have some young pieces that are starting to mature.  It may take a few years, but they will be in the playoffs down the road.  These lessons might just be the first pieces of the puzzle.


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