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20 Hottest Football Fans

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Source: brobible.com

We are slowly but surely moving towards the end of the football season. Depressing, right? With less than two months of football left on the schedule, we are running out of great games to watch. However, this is also another downside. Right now, we almost completely out of great tailgating weather, which means we are also losing out on some extremely good looking football fans. That is why we have decided to create a list of 20 of the hottest football fans.

Before you start getting picky, yes they are more than 20 individual fans on this list. I can't help that some people insist on taking group photos. However, that is not a reason to complain. The more, the merrier, I say. You will notice a trend early on in this. There are going to be a lot of people who chose to go to school in warm weather. As someone who is about to graduate from a Midwest school, I often wonder what it would be like to attend a warm-weather school. After looking through these photos, I would imagine that it is fairly fun.

We also have some NFL fans on this list. Not as easy to find as the college ones, but there are still some very good looking fans. I imagine that most of these are from all walks of life, so we have a nice little balance going on this list. If you don't enjoy this list, there just might be something wrong with you.

As always, use the comment section to let us know if we missed anyone. I do not think that anyone would complain about this list getting re-done down the road. This is a topic that almost anyone on the planet can end up enjoying.

And with that, let us get to the list. Enjoy!

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Packers Fan

Source: bleacherreport.com

Starting the list of right with a Green Bay Packers fan. Fan base might get ripped but they do have some beautiful women in it.

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Clemson Fans

Source: thechive.com

Although the team always disappoints, these fans sure do not.

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Ohio State Fans

Source: blogspot.com

Bet these chicks wish they were cheering on a team that was going to the BCS Championship game.

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Florida State Fans

Source: bleacherreport.com

In what will be a common theme here, we have some Florida State fans.

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USC Fans

Source: brobible.com

Guess it pays off to go to school in California.

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USC Fans #2

Source: bleacherreport.com

Like I said. When in doubt, pick So-Cal as your college destination.

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Florida State Fans #2

Source: athlonsports.com

Florida would also work as a destination.

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Jaime Edmondson

Source: 05news.com

Edmondson loves her Miami Dolphins. Bet the fans love her.

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Miami Fans

Source: frathousesports.com

Yep, any part of the state of Florida is going to work.

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Kylie Johnson

Source: ign.com

Johnson is a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers but I bet she's not happy with this season.

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Illinois Fan

Source: Big Papa Daddy

Illinois may be brutal at football but she still has the faith. I think.

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Tiffany Fallon

Source: gamespy.com

More Florida State in the house! Nice grouping of fans they have.

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AJ Alexander

Source: outofaces.com

We have ourselves another Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Quite the national backing.

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Florida Fans

Source: sportsranters.com

Tailgating at its finest.

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Amanda Cerny

Source: TKshare

Steelers AND Seminoles? I think we have those two as the most popular on this list.

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Steelers Fans

Source: Blogspot

The Steel City certainly has its share of good looking football lovers.

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Iowa Fans

Source: thesportsbank.com

As a alum of this estimated university, the tailgating scene is quite nice.

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Tyran Richard

Source: Listal

Richard considers herself a fan of the LSU Tigers. Nothing wrong with that.

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Cowboys/Patriots Fan

Source: bustedcoverage.com

Two radically different teams, two extremely good looking fans.

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Sara Jean Underwood

Source: fanpop.com

Oregon State represent! Underwood is apparently one of their biggest fans.

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Cowboys Fans


The FSSW girls love their Cowboys.

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Louisville Fan


Louisville, what a great institution.

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Mavs Fans


The FSSW Girls love their Mavs.

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Oregon Fans


Who doesn't love the Ducks?

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Phillies Fan


Could she help raise your batting average?