Rob Parker Continues To Give Himself A Bad Name With Comments On Robert Griffin III

By Riley Schmitt
Source: insidedslocker.blogspot.

If you don’t know who Rob Parker is, consider yourself lucky. He is one of the many talking heads that ends up on First Take and he does a fantastic job of embarrassing himself and the company. Take his comments on Robert Griffin III for instance.

Parker states that he can’t tell if RG3 is a brother or cornball brother because A- he has a white fiancee and B- he might be Republican.

If that wasn’t stupid enough, he goes on to say that RG3′s braids add to his blackness “authenticity”.

Why yes, Parker did say that to a nationally televised audience.  That actually happened.  He tried to back track from those comments but it was too late.  This argument makes no sense and it gives people another reason to dislike Parker and the entire debate concept that ESPN is so enamored with.

I mean, Stephen A. Smith felt uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going.  That should tell you everything you need to know right then and there.  Parker went way too far and I can’t believe that people would actually want to hear that argument.  No one really cares how black RG3 is.  I bet more people are concerned about his injury and his status for Sunday’s game.

Sadly, this is not the first time that Rob Parker has said something so out of this world that people become upset.  It seems to be commonplace but it did accomplish his goal.  His name is in the news and people are talking about his comments.  Great job, I guess.

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